You will never look at fruit and veggies the same way again!

Ok Groundlers, it’s time to get out of the house, get down to the puppet theatre and laugh your cheeks off with Brian the cloud Giant, in his cloud kitchen full of delicious treats and awe-inspiring stories.

Do we really know what happened that day the Groundler Jack turned up unannounced in Brian’s cloud making kitchen? Was it a grim fee-fi-fo-fum bone crunching horror story? Or a clear case of giant as a victim of a horrible crime, maybe several crimes? Who knows?

Have you ever been accused of something you didn’t do? Picked on because of the way you looked? Well Brian has, and he has had enough. He needs you to get into that train, bus or car (or even walk) and get down to Spare Parts to hear and see his story so you can decide! Oh, and bring all your friends and family so they don’t miss out on the funniest puppet show ever!


Writer Sam Longley

Director Philip Mitchell

Designer Bryan Woltjen

Composer Lee Buddle

Lighting Designer Kristie Smith

Costume Nora Stelter

Puppet Maker Jackson Harrison

Production Manager Jackson Harrison

Sets Electrics Steve Berrick

Stage Manager Megan Fitzgerald

History and Performers

2021 In-theatre season, Fremantle
Sam Longley
2021 Regional Schools Tour
Charlotte Otton, Sean Guastavino


“Sam is an amazing performer, and this show is excellent fun. If you need a laugh and a good message, Spare Parts Puppet Theatre’s Beanstalk is the best place to go! The Spare Parts foyer is also lots of fun, and you can explore and play with some puppets there.”

Junior SeeSaw Review by Asha Grandage, age 8.


“Very funny, very charming, this was obviously and audibly adored by the youngsters in the audience, but has plenty for grown-ups to love.”

SeeSaw Review by Rosalind Appleby


“Any show that makes its audience feel and empathise with its characters has a strong aura of magic – especially when said characters are made up of a variety of food types. You will laugh and cry along with the ups and downs of a loaf of bread, reel in horror at the squishing of a tomato, and be filled with wonder as a forest is conjured from various bunches of green veggies… Quite simply, you will never be able to walk through the fresh section of a supermarket in quite the same way ever again!

Beanstalk may only be 50 minutes long, but it is packed with more food puns and clever gaffs than you could poke the proverbial stick at. The writing is so tight and clever that, just as with all the high-budget Hollywood kids flicks, there are hidden gems that keep the parents and adults giggling just as much as the ‘Groundlers’.”

ArtsHub Review by Victoria Wyatt ★★★★★ Five stars

Creative Learning Activies

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Acknowledgement of Country

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre respectfully acknowledges the Whadjuk Noongar people as the traditional owners and custodians of the unceded land on which we work. As we tour our work across these vast lands, we pay our respect to all First Nations elders, past and present. We celebrate their continuing connection and contribution to culture, country and community, and thank all First Nations peoples for their wisdom in caring for the land, the sky, the rivers and the sea.