Leaving a bequest to Spare Parts Puppet Theatre (SPPT) in your Will ensures we can continue to create theatre that expands the way you see, feel, and experience the world!

A simple, rewarding, and versatile way to support us for years to come is a gift in your will, also known as a charitable bequest. Bequests are a wonderful way of making a positive statement about what you believe in and can ensure that not only your loved ones, but also the cultural organisations that left an impact on your life, are looked after long after you are gone. Looking to the future, these are very special gifts that we preserve as your legacy. They are also advantageous to you – SPPT is a deductible gift recipient, so a bequest may have favourable tax consequences for your estate.

SPPT is a charitable organisation reaching over 100,000 people annually and we increasingly rely on the support of our philanthropic community. Monies from bequests provide support for the development of young artists, regional touring, the commissioning of new puppetry works.

SPPT’s mission is to share stories that connect audiences across generations through puppetry. Our bequest program is not designed for the rich but rather for the enriched, and we hope you will join us in making sure puppetry lives on.

Estate planning is for everyone

Sometimes people feel they have nothing to give or do not have the means to contribute during their lifetime. You can, however, plan for the future by leaving a bequest through the distribution of your assets, regardless of your age or financial situation. This ensures your own peace of mind while providing for the future of the SPPT by crowning your long relationship with it through a bequest.

As our activities and needs change over time, we encourage you to leave an unrestricted bequest for the general purposes of SPPT rather than towards a specific project. A bequest of this kind enables SPPT to direct your gift to be used where it is most needed, by underpinning the core mission of the SPPT. If you do wish, however, to indicate a specific use for your legacy, we advise that you or your solicitor contact us as early as possible to discuss your intentions.

If you have already written your will and do not wish to make major changes, you can add a codicil (an amendment to an existing will) to include SPPT. Your solicitor can help you with any changes. Please bear in mind that leaving a percentage rather than a dollar amount has the advantage of automatically keeping up with inflation, eliminating the need for you to update your will later on. We advise you to contact your financial or legal adviser as early as possible to discuss your intentions before leaving a bequest

There are several ways of leaving a bequest to Spare Parts Puppet Theatre.

Specific Bequest

Nominating a dollar amount, or an expressed percentage of an estate to go to SPPT. This can include real estate, shares and assets or gifts in kind. Residuary Bequest Designating all or a portion of an estate to pass to SPPT after all other beneficiaries have been recognised and settlement costs are paid. This means your loved ones are looked after as well as SPPT.

Contingent Bequest

Indicating all or a portion of an estate to pass to SPPT only if the natural beneficiaries do not survive the Bequestor.

Revisionary Bequest

Allowing a surviving partner to benefit from your estate during their lifetime, with the balance of their estate to be paid to SPPT once they pass away.

Please let us know

Alerting us to a bequest you have made will allow us to thank you appropriately by welcoming you to SPPT’s Donor Circle. Being part of this community gives you access to exclusive events bringing you closer to the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre family and will ensure your generous and forward-thinking support of the SPPT is acknowledged on SPPT’s website. Public acknowledgement can inspire others to remember us in their wills, but if anonymity is your preference, this will be respected.

If you would like to have a confidential conversation about leaving a bequest to SPPT or would like to arrange a home appointment, please contact Katie Henebery, Executive Producer on (08) 9335 5044 or Your enquiries are in no way binding and will be treated in the strictest confidence.