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Bare-Hands Online workshop

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The Bare-Hand Puppetry Workshop is an online live experience that includes a 20-minute performance film followed by a 60-minute interactive workshop led by a professional puppeteer. This workshop is specially designed to get children aged 6 and above engaged in some seriously creative playtime. With hands-on activities and plenty of opportunities to bring their ideas to life, this is a workshop that’s sure to get kids excited about the power of their imagination!

The Bare-Hands workshop is interactive and engaging, with plenty of opportunities for children to ask questions and get involved. The workshop is designed to inspire a fresh view of everyday life and encourage unlimited self-expression, making it the perfect activity for children to stay entertained and have fun while learning something new!

To find our more, please click here or email Naomi on learning@sppt.asn.au

At Home with Puppets

Our Online Workshops offer a variety of DIY puppetry content that covers multiple styles and techniques.

All of our current online learning offerings have been designed to be completed in simple steps using minimal materials.

Shadow Puppets are an ancient form of storytelling that uses cut out figures and lighting to tell a magical story. In this three-part video series presented by performers Cezera, Ming and Yvan, you will learn all about the wonderful world of Shadow Puppets. In each episode, you will be taken through simple steps to create and devise your own Shadow Puppets from home.
Learn how to make your own hand puppet using minimal items from the comfort of your home. In this three-part video series performers Cezera, Ming and Yvan will be taking you through the different steps to make, move and then perform with your hand puppet! This is a great activity for adults and children to enjoy together and you can get as creative as you want!
Welcome to Yvan’s Origami Corner! In each episode performer and puppeteer Yvan, will teach you how to create a different style of Origami. Origami is the art of paper folding and is easy and fun to make! To make your Origami, you can use any paper you like but we prefer using slightly thicker paper such as wrapping paper so that the Origami holds its form better.
The garden is a magical place full of different colours, textures, and shapes, providing the perfect environment for creating a puppet. In this three-part video series presented by performers Cezera, Ming and Yvan you will be inspired to make a puppet using bits and bobs from the garden.
A toy theatre is a wonderful thing to make, and a well-constructed toy theatre can provide endless hours of fun for little and big hands. Over a series of three videos presented by performers Cezera, Ming and Yvan, you will learn how to create own toy theatre and character!